Burlington April 2018 Market Update

Tuesday May 22nd, 2018


Burlington Market Update - April 2018


Burlington has seen a decrease in average price of home sales in the month of April compared to last year, the prices has dropped by 5.8%. However the averegae price is still higher than 2016 by 15.36%.


The average number of days to sell a detached home was 23, semi-detached: 15, condo-townhouse: 26, condo-apartment: 26, and Attached/Row/Townhouse: 14.

Listing prices vs sales prices were extremely close. A detached home sold for 97.8 % of the listing price, semi-detached: 98.9%, condo-townhouse: 99%, apartment: 98.9%, and townhouse: 98.6%.


April 2018 Burlington Real Estate Update is still showing seller's market with inventory  of 1.8 months. Home prices are not skyrocketing. 

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